Where can you eat ?

In order to enjoy a full day and get your strength back before you start hurtling down the slopes again, there are a number of food options available :
restaurants, farmhouses, takeaway food, etc.

Les Épilobes restaurant

If you fancy lunch somewhere warm, the Les Épilobes restaurant offers a new menu (dish of the day) with a meal and snack tray deal. This is a quick, handy and cheap option with a choice of several dishes (starters, main courses and desserts), with something for everyone !

See the menu

Heated picnic room

If you fancy a picnic somewhere warm, there is a heated picnic room available. It is free and open to everyone at any time of day.
Open, no booking required.

Restaurants nearby

Go to the Loire Forez tourist office website to find out about all the places to eat around Chalmazel-Jeansagnière :

Loire Forez tourist office

Farmhouses and food using local produce

Just 100 metres from the slopes, come and try the specialities of the Auberge des Granges, with farmhouse charcuterie, patia, poultry liver cake, saucisson brioché, raclette à la fourme, blueberry tart, etc.

You can book by ringing 04 77 24 80 62.

Restaurants in Chalmazel

Le Cabanon takeaway food

Outside, Le Cabanon offers skiers and other nature lovers, a fast food option (snacks and drinks). 

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